Gary Thomas – Writer & Director

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Gary Thomas is a Writer, Director and Artist, based just outside London, UK. He has made 13 short films (including a music video and a half hour documentary) and is currently  director on ‘EXTRA TIME’. a time travel football film – learn more on our Facebook page.

2 Weddings is currently being developed as part of a 7 week course through Road Map Writers. Through the Course Gary is getting feedback from some of Hollywood’s top producers.

My Job Sucks, a TV spec, was also developed this year on a similar course run by RoadMap Writers. The script gained some very positive comments throughout the course.

Beautiful bride drinking coffee and groom in shock seeing how much money he has spent for the wedding. Initial Rating 5! iStock

Gary’s new play, A SIMPLE WEDDING COMEDY, plays at this years WANDSWORTH FRINGE.

The new wedding comedy is about Sharon who wants to get married when her brother says he wants to marry HIS boyfriend on the same day. Because everyone will be there!
The shows are on upstairs at THE CATS BACK, 86-88 Point Peasant, London, SW18 1NN
Nearest station / tube Putney or East Putney on the district line.




Gary’s play ‘The 49’, played at Theatre N16 in Balham, from 30th May -17th June 2017 (except Mondays).

It is response to the horrific attacks at Pulse, the gay night club which took place in Orlando in June 2016, where a single gunman murdered 49 mostly gay victims, leaving 53 survivors. The play is funded by Arts Council England.



Gary’s one man play Hidden was part of the Wandsworth Fringe Festival 2016.
Hidden was on Thursday 19th  22nd May, and was funded by Wandsworth Fringe Festival.

Actor Adam Donaldson preformed Hidden at Theatre N16 in May 2016

Actor Adam Donaldson preformed Hidden at Theatre N16 in May 2016



My latest film project I’m working on, with author John O’ Donoghue
has been successfully funded! Thanks to all those who contributed.
Gary Thomas by Michele Martinoli
I’m also working on my memoir, and my one Man Play Hidden, both funded by Arts Council. A clip of Hidden was performed in 2013 & 2014.
Watch it here:

Gary has 4 screenplays in development at various stages:
2 Weddings – a wedding comedy feature film (in development).
I Wonder How Far I Can Get? A TV Spec, which had a performed reading as part of Mole Valleys Arts Alive Festival with Gary producing / directing.
DEAD – a TV Spec (Mark Lever & Gary Thomas).
Inheritance Job –  In development.

In 2012 Gary completed work on ‘The Dog & The Palace’, a  film installation funded by Arts Council England. The project won an Inspire Mark from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The film was produced by Karen Gilchrist and can be seen here.

For 18 months Gary was mentored on the Sync South East Leadership Development Programme, and in 2011 his artistic work was given a major showcase at Upstream, which was part of The Brighton Festival.

Other projects Gary has worked on include Driving Inspirations, Sync South East & Upstream, which were funded by Accentuate.

As an artist Gary works with a variety of companies including Freewheelers Theatre Company.

Gary also blogs for Disability Arts Online, Time to Change, and The Limping Chicken.

You can contact Gary directly, or connect with him via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.