All the writing!

A guy surrounded by paper
A guy (actor Graeme Dalling) sitting on the floor surrounded by paper

I love writing and I love learning. This year has been a pretty good year, all in all. Currently I’m writing more than I have for a while.
I came across RoadMap Writers a couple of years ago, and since then have taken quite a few classes with them. I chose classes based on what the subject is and who the tutor is. All their tutors work in the industry, mostly in LA, so everyone is very connected to the film and TV industry there.
I’ve found their courses to be really good, always enjoyable, and the knowledge has been super useful.
This month, I’ve been doing my first private mentorship with someone who works at a management company, and I’m also doing a development 101 writing class, where we’re developing material – characters, outlines, etc for a pilot which we’ll go away at the end of the month and write the actual script for.
Ultimately, I like learning different ways of working, and they’ve both taught me different process’ which is useful.
With both classes, for the different projects, we’ll have very detailed discussions about character and story. The development class is actually really good as although it’s a group class, where normally there’s at least four students, this one there’s just two, so we both get lots of time with the exec to talk through our ideas.
So by the end of both classes, I’ll have enough to write two half hour pilots, which will add to my portfolio of spec scripts. A third one, which I finished already, based on a feature idea of mine, I’ve just sent to one production company and am going to email it to another, along with a couple of agents.
It’s interesting that I spoke to another writer at a networking event a while back and he spoke highly of the 30 page spec script – they actually have a lot going for them, especially if they’re good. They’re a quick read, and easy (most of the time) to digest, especially over a feature script. Something new for this year also is that I’ve been getting out there in the TV industry more, and am planning to send my new spec to a few places and hopefully it may even get me some meetings.